Flint River SWCD Hires New Urban Program Coordinator

The District's new urban agriculture conservation program takes root in Albany, Georgia with the addition of Fredando Jackson to the team.

The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has named an Urban Program Coordinator in Albany, Georgia. Fredando Jackson, affectionately known as Farmer Fredo, a native of Plains, Georgia, is a visionary, cultural worker, and Ag innovator. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Through Fort Valley State University’s County Extension program, he traveled to Milwaukee, WI to learn from Will Allen at Growing Power their techniques for growing an abundance of good food in a small space. He also received his Community Vegetable Gardener Certification from Tuskegee University’s Cooperative Extension.

Fredando wants to make a difference in rural and underserved communities by teaching “super simple” sustainable practices that feed people and preserve the environment.  He has learned and uses different methods in small-scale agriculture production such organic, square foot gardening, biointensive, permaculture and SPIN Farming to produce results. Fredando is passionate about utilizing his skills, expertise, and partnerships to provide Technical Assistance and Training for local growers by using what he has identified as the 5 C’s of Sustainable Agriculture - compost, cover crops, crop rotation, crop selection, and community supported agriculture.

Fredando’s vast experience, along with his passion for urban agriculture, made him a natural fit for the District.

Fredando Jackson, Urban Program Coordinator

Fredando Jackson, Urban Program Coordinator