Since 1939, the Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District has enhanced the conservation of soil, water, and natural resources in southwest Georgia. 


Our Mission

To further the conservation, restoration, and protection of natural resources and maintain sustainable agricultural production in the Lower Flint River Basin. 

Farmers are stewards of the land, and their adoption of technology–driven conservation practices opens new opportunities for sustainable crop production.
— Marty McLendon, Chairman






our achievements

  • Established partnerships with local, state, regional, national, and international organizations to advance conservation and innovation

  • Conducted innovative pilot projects to evaluate and implement cutting-edge conservation-driven technology

  • Spearheaded an urban agriculture conservation program in Albany, Georgia that has transformed into an impactful community organization

  • Secured over $22,000,000 in targeted funding through national and state conservation initiatives since 2004

  • Assisted with conservation implementation on hundreds of thousands of acres spanning Georgia, Florida, and Alabama

  • Sponsored multiple conservation education events and projects in local communities

  • Directed millions of dollars in Farm Bill program funding to local farmers and landowners to implement conservation

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Photographs courtesy of Steve Golladay, Abby Davis, Calvin Perry, and Casey Cox.