Urban Agriculture Conservation

Cultivating Community

The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation’s urban program is based in Albany, Georgia.  We work with community partners in three focus areas: Community, Education, and Environment.  Our mission is to collaborate with the community to work with school gardens, home gardens, urban farms, and the city in order to establish a relationship between residents and the surrounding natural resources to ensure a sustainable future for all community members.


program goals & Activities


Increase community health, wellness, and sustainability through enhanced accessibility and education of locally-grown foods

We are working alongside community partners to revitalize existing gardens as well as to establish new community gardens in areas known as “food deserts” within the county.

We also provide assistance to local growers whether they are farmers or home gardeners.  



Integrate local agriculture with educational, experiential learning opportunities for farmers, students, and the community

In collaboration with the Dougherty County School system, our urban program coordinator assists in school gardening program with participating schools. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about where their food comes from as well as a great way to take learning outside of the classroom.  



Assist community leaders and small-scale, urban producers with natural resource planning and management

Our Urban Program also works within the county to encourage and educate the community about conservation as well as green infrastructure initiatives. 


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